npm install --save-dev kanbasu

Install Kanbasu as an npm dependency.
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npx kanbasu path/to/your/sass/folder

Generate a main Sass file and a copy of the settings in the directory of your choice.
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Made with Sass

High modularity and customization are the main reasons we chose Sass to build this framework. Customize all the defaults with variables and include only the modules you need to speed-up your loading time.

Fully responsive

You won’t find a single fixed unit in here. Kanbasu is adapted to all devices and screen sizes. The mobile-first approach ensure your visitors will have the best experience even on the smallest screens.


Each project is different and a framework should not lock you up into its patterns. Kanbasu provides you the bare minimum to scaffold interfaces quickly without defining how the interface should look.


The flexible box module (aka flexbox) is intensively used accross the framework. It enables modern layouting techniques while keeping the code clean and supporting a wide range of browsers.

Highly customizable

Kanbasu comes with a handy bunch of variants for each component to cover the usual cases. But since those are generated based on variables, you are free to add or remove pretty much anything.

Right-to-left ready

Change a single variable and all the suitable properties flip for right-to-left languages. Easily style elements for both text directions using Kanbasu’s built-in tools.