• 2.5.0


With npm

npm install --save-dev kanbasu

With Yarn

yarn add --dev kanbasu

As a Git submodule

git submodule add git@github.com:liip/kanbasu.git


Download the latest release archive


Easily scaffold a new project by running the script below in your project directory to:

  1. duplicate kanbasu.scss (renamed main.scss) and settings/_settings.scss to the specified destination
  2. adapt paths inside main.scss to match the Node module location
  3. remove Sass !default flags from settings/_settings.scss
  4. import settings/_settings.scss into main.scss

With npx:

npx kanbasu path/to/your/sass/directory

With yarn:

yarn run kanbasu path/to/your/sass/directory

With Node only:

node node_modules/kanbasu/scripts/scaffold.js path/to/your/sass/directory

Note: the script might be in a different location if you didn’t use npm to install Kanbasu.