• 2.5.0


<div class="flex flex-column md-flex-row">
    <div class="flex-fill">Flex fill grows</div>
    <div>Pushed sibling</div>

<div class="inline-flex align-items-center mrgt">
    <div class="mrgr">
        <button class="btn btn--primary">Button</button>
    <div>Centered sibling</div>

You can restrict style to specific breakpoints by prefixing the classes below with the media query name, for example .lg-align-items-center to match only large screens.

Wrapper display

Class Style
flex display: flex
inline-flex display: inline-flex


Class Style
flex-row flex-direction: row
flex-column flex-direction: column
flex-row-reverse flex-direction: row-reverse
flex-column-reverse flex-direction: column-reverse


Class Style
flex-wrap flex-wrap: wrap
flex-nowrap flex-wrap: nowrap
flex-wrap-reverse flex-wrap: wrap-reverse
flex-fill flex: 1 1 auto
flex-grow-0 flex-grow: 0
flex-grow-1 flex-grow: 1
flex-shrink-0 flex-shrink: 0
flex-shrink-1 flex-shrink: 1

Main-axis alignment

Class Style
justify-content-start justify-content: flex-start
justify-content-end justify-content: flex-end
justify-content-center justify-content: center
justify-content-between justify-content: space-between
justify-content-around justify-content: space-around

Cross-axis alignment

Class Style
align-items-start align-items: flex-start
align-items-end align-items: flex-end
align-items-center align-items: center
align-items-baseline align-items: baseline
align-items-stretch align-items: stretch

Space between flex items on cross-axis

Class Style
align-content-start align-content: flex-start
align-content-end align-content: flex-end
align-content-center align-content: center
align-content-between align-content: space-between
align-content-around align-content: space-around
align-content-stretch align-content: stretch

Flex item self alignment on cross-axis

Class Style
align-self-auto align-self: auto
align-self-start align-self: flex-start
align-self-end align-self: flex-end
align-self-center align-self: center
align-self-baseline align-self: baseline
align-self-stretch align-self: stretch