• 2.5.0

Frenquently Asked Questions

Kanbasu class names conflict with other stylesheets

If you’re introducing Kanbasu in an existing project, it’s recommended to prefix classes with a namespace. To do so, change the $namespace variable in the settings file.

Changing settings break Sass compilation

This is most probably because you entered a wrong value or changed the type of it. Some values are used to calculate others and therefor have to be set in a specific unit (pixels for example).

I need more widths in my grid

You need more than halves, thirds, fourths, fifths and sixths? Sure, you can add as many ratios as you need to the $widths-columns setting in your settings file. For example, if you need twelves, change it to: 12,6,5,4,3,2,1. This will generate w-1/12, w-5/12, w-7/12 & w-11/12.

Some widths ratios doesn’t work

Are you trying to use w-2/4 or w-3/6? Those are not generated because they are the same as w-1/2. To avoid bloating the code, we only keep the smallest possible.